Fantasy Flite's Services

We are a full service shop for all Six Chuter products. This includes assembly of all models should you choose not to assemble your own kit after purchase. We will flight test your powered parachute after assembly. We also sell and service many other powered parachute accessories.

We have a 20 acre field with approximately 1800ft of runway in Arcade. We also have a new location at the Olean Municipal Airport located 10 miles north of Olean in Ischua.

We have several BFIs(Basic Flight Instructors) flying from our field to give you the necessary instruction to get you flying quickly and safely. Should you want to become a BFI yourself Jeff Austin is an AFI(Advanced Flight Instructor) who will administer your oral test and flight check ride after you obtain the necessary amount of flight time and pass your written tests.

An informal flying club (Fantasy Flyers) meets every second Wednesday of the month at our Arcade location. Stop by, meet the guys and get the low down on some real fun flying.

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