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Spirit Special Edition (SE)   503DC  "B"      $13,775
Spirit Deluxe Edition (DE) 582DC   "B"      $15,250
Spirit Excel (XL) 582DC "E" w/elec. Start   $16,050
Airspeed:  26 to 28 mph
Airframe Weight:  282 lbs
Ideal Gross Weight:  800 lbs
Take off Distance:  100'-300'
Landing Distance:  50'-75'
Maximum Payload:  525 lbs
Rate of Climb:  400' - 900' /min
Sink Rate:  10' /sec
Glide Ratio:  4.0 : 1.0
Stall Speed:  Stall Resistant
Time to Assemble:  25 Hours
Power Plant
Engine Rotax Standard:  582Dual
Gear Drive Reduction:  2.58 : 1.0
Output:  65 HP
Fabric (rip stop nylon):  Standard
Zero Porosity:  Standard
Span:  39.5'
Chord:  12' 2
Area:  500 sq ft
Wing Load:  1.52 lbs/sq ft
Powdercoat Airframe:  Custom Color
Custom Upholstery:  Standard
Custom Canopy :  Custom Colors
Canopy Bag:  Standard
Fuel Cell:  10 Gal
Instrument Dash:  Standard
Three Blade Composite Prop:  Standard
Shoulder Harness:  Standard
Engine Information System:  Super E.I.S.
Wiring Harness:  Standard
Fender:  Standard

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